Stands for Knowledge-Sharing and Instantiating Norms for DNS and Naming Security.

It’s a program supported by ICANN to develop and promote a framework that focuses on the most important operational best practices or concrete instances of DNS security best practices.

An ICANN Initiative

Working with the DNS technical community, we’ve identified and documented a set of best practices that are essential for a secure DNS ecosystem, and that both small and big operators can easily implement.

Implementing KINDNS practices is voluntary. The goal of KINDNS is not to lecture operators or overwhelm them with a complex list of things to do, but rather to aid them in understanding and implementing a small set of the most important operational best practices.

KINDNS is intended as a movement, where members of the global community help themselves and each other by committing to the KINDNS best practices.

The more operators join the initiative, the larger the footprint of a robust and secure DNS ecosystem will be. By joining the KINDNS initiative, you are voluntarily committing to adhering to the mutually agreed norms and acting as “goodwill ambassadors” within the community.

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